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Is also one of the industry's leading Diesel Technician Training courses in the country!
General Information
Driver Qualifications
Diesel Technician Training program is only offered for applicants from PA, WV, and OH.

TDDS Technical Institute offers a variety of truck driver programs with flexible class schedules. Our basic commercial drivers’ license training programs are designed for the driver with no commercial driving experience. In addition, programs are available to individuals or companies seeking to upgrade their drivers’ skills. TDDS also has one of the industry's leading Diesel Technician Training courses in the country.

Classroom Training Topics

  • CDL General Knowledge
  • Combination Vehicle
  • D.O.T. Hazardous Materials
  • D.O.T. Hours of Service
  • Map Reading
  • Cargo Handling
  • Air Brake Systems
  • Tanker
  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • D.O.T. Logbook
  • Trip Planning
  • Accident Reporting
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course for Professional Drivers

Hands-on Training Topics

  • Proper Mirror Usage
  • Proper Braking
  • Proper Shifting
  • Up-Shifting
  • Speed to Gear
  • Proper Road Position
  • Gear Patterns
  • Defensive Driving
  • Down-Shifting
  • Distance Judgment

Additional CDL Training
TDDS excels in Class A Commercial Driver License Training, but training is also available for the CDL class types and equipment listed below:

  • Class A Pintle Hook
  • Class B Straight Truck/Bus/Dump
  • Class B w/Passenger Endorsement
  • Tanker Endorsement

Maneuverability/Skills Training

  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Measured Right Turns
  • Parallel Parking
  • Reading Trailer Drift
  • Proper Set-Ups
  • Straight Line Backing
  • Short Alley Docking
  • Serpentine Maneuver
  • Coupling & Uncoupling

Custom-Designed and Corporate Training
These TDDS programs are designed to upgrade the skills of drivers with some experience. Most custom-designed training requires a driver evaluation. The following are available:

  • Class A & B CDL Refresher Courses
  • Expert Witness Service for Legal Needs
  • D.O.T. Required Breath Alcohol Testing Service
  • Employee & Supervisor Controlled Substance Recognition Training
  • Logbook Training
  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • Docking Maneuvers Skill Training
  • Continuing Education Classes

Please visit the links below for more information regarding federal regulations: