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If you're interested in getting a job in the trucking industry, Blanding has one school that offers you the thorough education you need: College of Eastern Utah. This school gives you the chance to earn a , which permits you to drive almost every tractor-trailer on the market right now.

The truck driving program at the College of Eastern Utah lasts one semester. It is less intensive than other programs since it only requires 12 hours per week of study, rather than 40 hours per week. Driving experience is one of the most important parts of your education.

As a Utah truck driver, you need to know the local highways and their rules very well. The two main highways in Blanding are State Highway 95 and State Highway 119. There are many large trucking companies, including Dale Brown Trucking, Curtiss E. Perkins Trucking, and Skor Transportation Inc.

Trucking salaries in this area can be very high. The median salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $48,010 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who drive light trucks take in a median income of $35,360 (BLS, 2013).

Trucking Schools in Blanding
College of Eastern Utah San Juan
• Offers Truck Driving Programs